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St. Patrick's Day in America

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Source: www.irishcentral.com/roots/history/st-patricks-life-kidnapping-catholic
St. Patrick Day is an annual religious celebration intended to celebrate the death of St. Patrick. It has been celebrated for over 1,000 years. St. Patrick was born in Roman Britain. At the age of 16, Patrick was kidnapped and brought to Ireland as a slave.  He eventually escaped. At a later time, he returned to Ireland and introduced Christianity to its people.  It is said that he used the three leaf clover, known as the shamrock to explain the Holy Trinity, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, to the people.  It is believed that St. Patrick died on March 17, 461.  The Irish celebrate St. Patrick’s life and death by attending morning mass services followed by a feast with family and friends in the evening. 

The first St. Patrick’s Day parade in the United States was held on March 17, 1762 in New York City.  Irish soldiers serving in the English military marched to traditional Irish music. Over the following 35 years, a flood of Irish Immigrants poured into America to escape starvation.  Overwhelmingly, the Irish immigrants settling in the United States were not accepted and respected, but rather disparaged and disrespected. Unfortunately our American media portrayed Irish immigrants in the cartoons as "drunks" according to History.com.  In 1948 President Truman attended a parade, which was a significant moment for many Irish Americans. After many adverse experiences in the immigration process, the President's presence was noteworthy, and appreciated by many. It was a sign that their struggle was not going unnoticed and that they were welcome by the leader of our union. 

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Source: https://history.howstuffworks.com/historical-events/when-irish-immigrants-werent-considered-white.htm
 In Ireland St. Patrick's Day is a religious holiday. Many of the pubs were closed by law until 1995 when a campaign was launched to increase tourism by showing Irish culture to the world.

In the United States there are approximately one hundred parades held annually. New  York City and Boston hold the largest celebrations. The New York City parade involves 150,000 participants, and nearly 3 million Americans line up to watch it in person.  Thank you to the Irish immigrants that have introduced St. Patrick’s Day to American culture! May the luck of the Irish be with us all!

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Source: http://www.irishnews.com/news/2016/03/08/news/new-york-st-patrick-s-day-parade-to-be-broadcast-in-ireland-and-uk-442339

Source: TheIrishGiftHouse.Com


Women's History Month


                                                                        (Picture resource: https://bilderbeste.com/foto/womens-history-c9.html)

I had to do some major research on Women’s History Month (March) to write a blog about it.  So here is a quick timeline:

  • 1911—International Women’s Day established on March 8th
  • 1978—School district of Sonoma, California began to celebrate Women’s History Week starting March 8th
  • 1982—The week of March 8th was declared by President Carter as “National Women’s History Week”
  •  1986—14 states declared March as Women’s History Month
  • 1987—Congress passed Pub. L. 100-9 which declared March as “Women’s History Month”

I see the timeline, and I realize that it has only been 32 years since Women’s History Month has been declared.  This month is a very special month for Jen and I.  Not only because we are working women, but we are mothers.  We have this joke of “how many plates are up in the air today?”  In addition to our personal and work life, we are collaborating on a book.  In this book, we have come across many strong ladies!  From all walks of life.  Just to name a few:

  •  Ruza Wenclawska
  • Ana Mendieta
  • Alicia Partnoy
  • Shoshana Johnson
  • Pailadzo Captanian

This list can go on, and on, and on!  Trust me.  Each of the women represented in our book are heroes in our eyes.  They all have some traits in common;  determination, dedication, devotion, ambition, and no fear.   The poem I have written is celebrating all the women that have sacrificed or set aside their dreams and goals for their partner and family to succeed.   This poem is dedicated to the ladies that are the backbone and spine of the family, without fear or any hesitation, they do!

i will manage the rails
as you sail the sea.
i will be the leader,
placing anchors on the rock
as you follow me up
to the mountain top.
i would be your shield,
and covering you from
the pain.

I will lift you up
with a song,
with a soft melody.
bring you down, to stay calm
when you are angry.
wake you in the morning
with a tea,
as we close the night
with a sweet kiss from me.

Ramadan: More than just fasting

Picture source:  https://indianexpress.com/article/lifestyle/life-style/happy-ramadan-2019-ramzan-mubarak-wishes-images-quotes-status-wallp...