Poetic Illustrations on YouTube

Poetic Illustrations on YouTube
Poetic Illustrations on YouTube

Peace & Love

I discussed with Jen last week through our regular daily text, that I would love to do a blog topic of our other passions.  Particularly peace and love.  Jen and I strongly believe in those two small words.  These minuscule words carry intense and heavy connotation.  We both have strong conviction that it is these words, emotions and behaviors that will change humanity.  That will lead us to treat one another with respect and dignity.  There are two months in the calendar year that reflects these two words.  Guess what the month is for Love?  February? how did you guess?  Each February, Jen creates amazing valentine cards.  These are not just any cards, they are hand-made and tailored to the ones she loves.  She does not ask anything in return, no expectation.  Just spreading the love out.  As you can see below, lots of love goes into her hearts.  Now you are probably wondering what month is for peace.  Peace is in September.  To be exact, it is September 21st.  It is the International Day of Peace holiday, as it is recognized by the United Nations. During this holiday, the goal is for all to seize fire, put away their weapons, their harmful and hurtful words, and to not swing their fists at one another.  During this day, we embrace, love, support, cherish, and guide one another.  For past two years, I have asked for volunteers to be "peace ambassadors."  Each of the ambassadors receive 10 hand-made doves to pass out to others.  This year the target goal of making 300 doves total with 30 ambassadors!

Jen and I had a strong faith and belief in both peace and love.  In doing this book, we want for those words to be illustrated, not only in the art work but within the words of the poems.  We want the readers feel love and love the heroes that we portray in the book.  Hatred has never works in history, and it never will.  So as I write on my doves, I do hope that we all can do the following for just today, and everyday after...

Give a little
Smile a little
love a lot!

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